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bunny growth chart

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Little ones really do grow too fast. Don't miss their spurts - record them on this bunny growth chart. It's both a sweet decor piece in their room and a treasured keepsake once they've grown.

Our unique design features a handpainted, dimensional wooden top with an integrated canvas chart. We recommend using a fine-point marker to write on the canvas, but pen or pencil works too. A discreet, built-in slot at the top of the chart keeps your writing instrument handy. Inch markings on both sides of the chart provide ample room for using with more than one child. The option to personalize with engraved child(ren)'s names makes this growth chart very special and a thoughtful gift.

Handmade in the USA with wool felt accents. Easily hang from a nail so the 2 foot mark is two feet above the floor. Bunny is 10" wide and 13" tall, chart is 5" wide, total height is 50".